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Solutions with proven results in increasing efficiency and profitability of plants

The sugar, ethanol and bioenergy sectors present an economically challenging scenario, demanding solutions as the ones provided by Pró-Usinas.

Pró-Usinas is a portfolio of solutions which presents, in the short term, proven results in efficiency and profitability increases for plants and manufacturing groups.

It aims to make it easier for decision makers to access solutions which allow plants to overcome the continuous sugar-energy market challenges, remaining competitive and sustainable.

Pró-Usinas is a ProCana Brasil’s initiative, a major media and corporate event group for the sugar-energy sector, counting on more than 26 years of established relations and credibility among businessmen and professionals from plants, both in Brazil and worldwide.

Pró-Usinas solutions are made available through strategic partners, with renowned expertise in their corresponding areas:



Your company organized for profitability
Operational Excellence in Legal Proceedings | Efficiency Increase and Cost Reduction



The Technology of Profit!
Innovative Technologies
Software Specialists | Collaborative Systems | Special Applications



Finance and Bioenergy Investments

| Strategic Planning | Mergers and Acquisitions | Business Restructuring
| Strategic Risk Management and Investment

Financial advisory| Fundraising| Emissions| Securitizations| Corporate Finance| Project Finance| Projects for BNDES, BASA, BID, IFC/World Bank| Projects for presentation of Venture Capital and Private Equity funds| Renegotiation  / Expansion of debt| Legal Recovery| Financial and Investment Risk Management

| Corporate Governance | Costs Management
| Assisted Management | Judicial Administration | Operational Risk Management



Your profit in the fermentation
Methodology | Consulting | Empowerment | MC KIT for Quick Bacterial Contamination Diagnosis® | Effective Microbiologic Control in Fermentation Processes | Microbiologic Control in Sugar Manufacturing | MC Programs for Fermentation Process Management



Technology networking!
Courses | Training | Empowerment
Training and integration teams to improve performance and quality of Agroindustrial Production