Workers of sugar mills in South Africa are on strike

Workers take part in a strike

About 5,500 employees of sugar mills in South Africa are preparing themselves to go on strike today in the country to require a 11% increase on their salaries . This is the first , since a strike that lasted 10 days in 1997 , according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The two largest producers in the country, Illovo Sugar Ltd. and Tongaat Hulett Ltd., offered increases of 8.5 %, which is not so far from the goal of workers . Thus it is believed that the strike will not last long , according to spokesman from Tongaat . Employees of sugar factories receive around $ 531 per month , while the inflation rate recorded an increase of 6.1 % in April , according to Statistics South Africa . Moreover , the strike is protected by law in the country , that is, workers can not be dismissed .

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