What changes in the Ministry of Agriculture?

Agribusiness market participants will be watching the news conference that Kátia Abreu Minister (Agriculture and Supply) program to 10 am on Monday (27/07).

It is that in addition to advertising accountability, the minister must also announce changes in the Ministry.

Katia won support from agribusiness sector for doing a job, as a senator, also focused on the interests of the field.

On Monday morning (27), the minister will announce at a news conference in Brasilia, the accounts to society about the actions taken by the Ministry in the period from January to June.

The owner of the folder will also speak about the expectations for this second half. Among the topics to be addressed include the expansion of markets for the products of the Brazilian agribusiness and agricultural defense.

More than that, agribusiness agents are apprehensive about another awaited announcement: what comes to the restructuring of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Also draws attention the fact that the minister has moved the date of the meeting with journalists. In principle, the collective would be promoted on Thursday (23/07).

As disclosure of the press office of the Ministry, the topics will be presented by Kátia Abreu Minister, the executive secretary of the MAPA, Maria Emilia Jaber; by Secretary of International Relations, Tatiana Palermo, and the Agricultural Defense Secretaries, Décio Coutinho; Agricultural Policy; André Nassar; and Agricultural and Cooperative Development, Caio Rocha.

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