“We have evolved,” said president of São Martinho

In a message to shareholders, the president of São Martinho S/A, Fabio Venturelli, explains the company’s performance reasons in 2014/15 crop. Check out:

“With the acquisition of all shares of Santa Cruz S/A – Açúcar e Álcool in the fiscal year 2015 (crop 14/15), we evolved considerably in our strategic plan, implemented starting in 2010, and focuses on three main pillars:

  1. I) increased electricity cogeneration volume;
  2. II) economies of scale in units (dilution of fixed production costs);

and III) acquisition of agricultural and industrial assets with high synergy in operation.

The results of this plan can already be identified in this exercise, through the:

  1. I) 20% increase in the volume of sugarcane processed;
  2. II) 40% increase in the volume of electricity cogeneration;

III) economies of scale, evidenced in reducing the production cost.

In addition to the completion of the strategic plan, we move the monetization of the Company’s land assets with the announcement of real estate projects totaling VGV of R$ 400 million in part of our portfolio of urban lands.

Last but not least, was the evolution of profitability indicators and cash generation of our asset in Goiás – Usina Boa Vista, after completing, in the previous year, the process of industrial and agricultural optimization.

For next year, we estimate a grinding 19.5 million tons of sugarcane – 97% of installed industrial capacity.

The Company will focus on maximizing the value of existing assets, mainly the great potential for synergy between the Usina Santa Cruz and Usina São Martinho.”

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