‘We desperately need to retake profitability’, says Unica

“We desperately need to return to industry the profitability”, said, in Congress, in Brasilia, Elizabeth Farina, President of the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (Unica), at the launch of the Frente Parlamentar pela Valorização do Setor Sucroenergético.

“[The retake of profitability] will allow the sugarcane industry face the situation”, she said. “Retake the blue balance sheet will ensure the necessary investments in the sector.”

These investments, amended, are needed so that, for example, the industry is able to attend the fuel needs of the national market.

“[In April] the Ministry of Mines and Energy presented scenario of the supply condition and showed that in 2025, given the current premises, we will have to import 26 billion liters of gasoline to attend the country” said. “This will impact on the trade balance. What is cheaper: to encourage ethanol, which can replace the fleet flex, participate partially with the anhydrous, or import?”

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