Vietnam wants to make mandatory the use of ethanol by 2015


At a time when there is a movement to replace combustion engines for cleaner technologies, biofuels remain unknown to most countries, and that includes Vietnam.

Believing in the benefits of ethanol, Vietnamese President Nguyen Hoai Giang says it intends to produce fuel E3, a blend of 3% ethanol and 97 percent gasoline for use in Quang Ngai province this year, and E5 for all the central region within a year. The government plans to make mandatory the use of biofuel in seven cities by 2015.

Nevertheless, biofuels prices are almost as high as the most popular variety of gasoline in the country, the 92-RON, and the only remaining plant in the country, Petrosetco will be merged with the refinery PetroVietnam in the city of Dung Quat as a measure of reducing costs at a time of low demand.

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