Venezuela: Increasing sugar output will depend on the capacity of Government centrals

There is potential to increase sugar production in this harvest 2012-2013. The Federation of Sugarcane Growers Associations of Venezuela (FESOCA) ensures that the field is littered with the equivalent of 7 million hectares of sugarcane. This is a million more than was harvested in the 2011-2012 harvest, about 6 million hectares. But to take advantage of the 7 million hectares in sugar for the end, it is necessary that the 10 plants that are in state hands respond efficiently.

Otherwise, said Jose Ricardo Alvarez, president of FESOCA it would generate problems, such as transfers of reeds from these other plants, where processing depends on the capacity of the new plant. “If the government centrals are not well, we would increase production costs up. Would have the problem of sending these canes to private mills whose capacity is taken over,” said Alvarez, who ensures that each plant has a responsibility to grind their rods, plus the producers in the area. Mobilize the reeds of a plant to another would also be complicated by the lack of transport and agricultural pathways, factors that could trigger production costs.

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