Usina Santa Fé’s Agricultural earns R$ 6.2 mi

The Agropecuária Nova Europa S.A., with headquarters in Nova Europa (SP), specialized in the planting and marketing of sugarcane exclusively to the related company Usina Santa Fé S.A., which is its parent company, has released financial statements for the period between March 31, 2014 and March 31, 2015.

According to the demonstrations, the Agropecuária Nova Europa found net income for the year of R$ 6,245 million. The amount is 20% lower than the R$ 7,8 million recorded in the previous year.

The Nova Europa provides sugar for Usina Santa Fé by private instrument of sharecropping contract under normal prices and market conditions according to the system of payment of sugarcane adopted by the Conselho dos Produtores de Cana de açúcar, Açúcar e Álcool do Estado de São Paulo (Consecana).

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