U.S. starts using cane and microalgae diesel in military vessels


The first trip with regular use of renewable marine diesel manufactured by the company Solazyme, Inc., with the naval vessel USS Ford, was a success as the company said. It is the first trip with biofuel derived from microalgae and sugar cane made by the U.S. Navy in a regular situation of military activity.

The company explains that the trip from Washington to Califórnia required 25,000 gallons of fuel. The motors LM 2500 of the vessel were using a50/50 blend of the marine diesel SoladieselHRD-76 and diesel fuel of fossil origin F-76 (military specification).

The performance of the mixture 50/50 in the fuel system and engine was similar to that observed with the use of fossil fuel F-76 in the evaluation of the military engineers. The Brazilian Rogerio Manso, Chief Commercialization Officer of Solazyme, explains that the Navy continues to demonstrate the fuel efficiency in different vessels. “This successful test is for us an important step to facilitate the commercialization of our renewable fuels,” he added.

Solazyme has already produced more than 500,000 liters of renewable fuel in-spec for the Navy, as part of the Green Strike Group, Department of Defense.

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