U.S. Secretary of Agriculture defends new targets for biofuels use

The secretary of agriculture , Tom Vilsack , has manifested in November 18 , after the EPA – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced new targets for use of biofuels for 2014 .


The proposal is the first reduction in the amount of mandatory use of biofuels in the country since the policy was implemented in 2007 .

According to the press statement , during the 70 ° Annual Convention of Farmers in Kansas City , Vilsack said the unprecedented number of debates occurring around the proposed reduction targets usage for 2014 , shows how the Agency wants to work for the biofuels industry be successfull for consumers in the United States .

He said the government wants the industry be increasingly sustainable and profitable and the biggest challenge is to have a system of distribution of unbound oil industry biofuels , “he explained . Vilsack also noted that USDA is working with the EPA , so that civil and military aviation industries make increasing use of biofuels in their fleets

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