US giant is negotiating the purchase of equipment in Sertãozinho

The JornalCana ​​Portal found during Fenasucro & Agrocana, held between 25-28 of August in Sertãozinho (SP), that a giant company, headquartered in the United States, is negotiating the acquisition of equipment from suppliers of parts and equipment from the sugarcane industry of Sertãozinho.

Negotiations are at an advanced stage. And if confirmed the Sertãozinho providers will have business portfolio for the next five years in a row.

The British giant’s name is kept in secret, but the JornalCana ​​Portal discovered that this company with strong presence in the electricity segment. But has no direct involvement in the sugarcane industry.

The deal is for the purchase of equipment for wind power generation.

The requirements for candidates with the sale, however, are very rigid and have dragged on for more than two years.

The JornalCana ​​Portal already knows the name of a Sertãozinho company that is in advanced negotiations to close the deal. New information will be released by the Portal to subscribers in the coming days.

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