US ethanol: entity challenges candidates for president

The America’s Renewable Future, joining associations and institutions linked to ethanol in the US, began a campaign to challenge the two already pre-candidate for the presidency.

The goal is to take off the two, positions on the US ethanol industry.

For now, there are two names in Barack Obama’s succession dispute: Senate Republicans Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

According to America’s, a correspondence was sent to Cruz, who has been kept aside from assisting declared the legislation on Renewable Fuels Standard setting (RFS).

In the letter, the organization questions the pre-candidate about recent statement that the oil industry would not receive government subsidies.

According to America’s, subsidies for this sector have amounted to US $ 165 billion and will not stop in the coming years.

For the second pre-candidate, Rand Paul, the entity will require support to renewable fuel, although, in interviews, he has proved favorable to the RFS.

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