U.S company invests in cellulosic ethanol researches within SP

The U.S. company EdeniQ – Renewable Energy, was officially inaugurated in Monte Azul Paulista, in São Paulo, Tuesday. In Brazil, EdeniQ is the third company to investigate the production of second generation ethanol from sugarcane bagasse. For nearly three years in Brazil, EdeniQ has invested $ 4 million in structure, human resources and research equipment, including $ 3 million just in Monte Azul.

The commercial director, Paulo Cesar Pereira Balbino, secured the company’s commitment to the development of research for the production of second generation ethanol from sugarcane bagasse. “Monte Azul Paulista is a strategic center: 320 km in radius, reaching approximately 280 plants (99%) in the State of Sao Paulo, Parana 25% and 32% in Minas Gerais,” said Balbino.

The managing director, Antonio Henrique Pereira Balbino, explained that the focus is to develop specific technologies through planning, criteria and with the world’s best scientists to develop research. “There are high expectations and big investors, like Google, Hotmail and Skype,” strengthened.

Brian Thome, international president says there will be greater investment in accordance with the needs of the subsidiary Monte Azul.

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