United States targets Japan to sell more ethanol

Mission made up of representatives of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), is in Tokyo this week to attend a series of meetings with executives and representatives of agencies of the Japanese government.

The objective of the American mission: to find strategies to boost exports of ethanol made in the US for the Japanese market.

The mission is supporting by coordination of RFA, through the management of regulatory affairs. Kelly Davis, director of the folder, is part of the group in Tokyo.

The work of the mission is not just to sell gallons of corn ethanol to Japan. The Americans are anticipated to the complete revision of national energy policies, that Japanese government will hold in 2017, and want to open opportunities for American biofuel.

So, in a planned manner, the mission of the American ethanol representatives is negotiating with the Japanese.

Japan is a traditional buyer of ethanol, including from Brazil, for the manufacture of beverages and industrial products and focused on cleaning. With the revision, in 2017, the Japanese market may also open up opportunities for fuel ethanol.

The American mission, for example, focuses the E10, mix of 10% ethanol at 90% gasoline.

In 2014, the US produced 14,3 billion gallons, or 52,9 billion liters, according to a survey of RFA.

Exports of American ethanol in 2014 amounted 825 million gallons, or 3 billion liters, according to the RFA.

Exports have been to 51 countries, of which Canada was the largest customer, with 43% of imports, followed by Brazil with 13% of the total. Japan is not mentioned in the list of the leading importers of biofuel. But now the United States wants to expand this participation.

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