Uganda’s 2012 sugar output down


Uganda’s sugar production fell short of the industry’s forecast by 11.4 percent in 2012, hurt by by the harvesting of immature cane and poor weather , according to an industry official.

The chairman of the Uganda Sugar Cane Technologists Association (USCTA), Jim Kabeho, told Reuters the country produced 289,665 tonnes of raw sugar compared with a forecast 327,075 tonnes.

In efforts to close production deficits, Alam Group is investing $52 million dollars on a sugar factory in the eastern district of Kaliro, with a 60,000 tonne a year capacity. The plant is expected to start operating in April .

The sugar factory is one of eight new ones promised by the Ministry of Trade at the end of 2011, when an acute shortage in sugar production forced prices up by more than 200%.

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