‘Transport cost went up 228% in 10 years’

Over the past decade, the rise in transport costs advanced 42% in Argentina, 52% in the US and 228% in Brazil. The information was given by Minister of Agriculture, Katia Abreu, at the opening of the seminar Prospects for Agribusiness in 2015 and 2016 on Tuesday (16) morning, in São Paulo.

The minister used the microphone to defend the concessions plan in works of infrastructure, recently released by the federal government. “We must work for the awards go right”, she said. “There is a team cheering against, but I work [in favor of the plan] and look for companies to participate in the concession auctions.”

Katia said that since before being Minister, as president of the National Agriculture Confederation (CNA), has ‘fought’ for the investment in logistics were expanded. The investment plan in infrastructure, tweak, works accordingly.

“We need to expand agreements, be aggressive, because without them our exporters will not be able to follow in business. We need a national force [in this direction].” She noted that today 80% of exports [of agribusiness] follow through the ports of the South-Southeast.


The Chinese, she said, “want to make the bioceanic railway, which will connect the Atlantic and the Pacific.” According to her, the Chinese ‘insisted much’ to do the viability of the project. This project should be started until June 2016, and said there is only one question to reach the Pacific, “if is through Chile or through Peru.”

“We will win five days to arrive, for example, the port of Rotterdam than in comparing get there through the port of Santos”, compared the minister.

Katia recalled that a commitment of her ministry is to invest, ‘to jump’ at Embrapa. “We will create an alliance with getting resources out there, what is now forbidden, to invest in technology and research by Embrapa.”

The JornalCana ​​portal accompanied the event in the state capital, held by the BM&FBovespa and the Ministry of Agriculture.

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