“The question of the viability of ethanol 2G will be answered soon,” says vice president of GranBio

Alan Hiltner, vice presidente GranBio
Alan Hiltner, vice-president of GranBio

The technology to produce second-generation ethanol had better reception by members of the international and Brazilian sugarcane industry, at an event held in São Paulo on Monday, the 24th of March. To Alan Hiltner, vice president of GranBio, in 2013, there was a lot of mistrust with second generation ethanol technology.

“This year, I see significant differences in the reaction of people to this matter, and even if many of them are still in doubt  to the viability of ethanol 2G, I believe that this question will be answered shortly. This year, four plants with a capacity exceeding twenty million gallons will operate, in the world, “he explains.

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