Tereos workshop: “we reached the limit,” said Sardenberg

From an economic point of view, the way to Brazil is to restore the macroeconomic scenario and seek investment by the private sector, and he said just the economic journalist Carlos Alberto Sardenberg, speaking at XIII Tereos Guarani workshop, in São Paulo.

“We have reached the limit of political error, corruption, and right now the situation needs to be fixed,” he said.

According to Sardenberg, the economic policy proposed by the finance minister, Joaquim Levy, the only consistency that exists today in the economic environment. “But it was not a PSDB policy, which yesterday [Tuesday] did TV show mess up the fiscal adjustment. It’s an emergency policy because there is no other way out. It is a source of some stability. ”

In his speech, Sardenberg noted that “since the beginning of his first term, President Dilma Rousseff was against privatization. This is what happened with the airports. He did what he did and in the end there were concessions. Now again the government will make concessions, in return, promises the Minister Joaquim Levy. ”

As the speaker on the one hand, one has to solve the problem of corruption and it must have clearance, with replacement names. “On the other hand, under a policy line to untie the situation today of much instability. It will be by way of break, down positions and impeachment discussion. Or if the economic situation gives some respite, this change can be done gradually. “

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