Tereos announces new president


The Board of Directors of Tereos elected Alexis Duval as chairman of the group. But the executive will assume the new role only on October 1, 2012. This decision, taken unanimously by the 19 members of the Board, is the conclusion of a selection process started almost a year ago. Philippe Duval, who has been the president of the group for 28 years, will leave the presidency of the board on September 30, 2012. Later Philippe Duval, will be appointed as the Strategic Counselor of the Board. The group has initiated a process for hiring a new chief for the financial officer to succeed Alexis Duval in this position.

Currently the financial directos fo Tereos Group and CEO of Tereos Tereos International, Alexis Duval, 34, has had executive functions within the group in the last 10 years.

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