Suggestions of the president of Coruripe to Frente

What should be the priorities of the Frente  Parlamentar pela Valorização do Setor Sucroenergético, which will be launched this Thursday (07/05) in Congress, in Brasilia?

Check out the views of the executive Jucelino Sousa, CEO of Coruripe Group, about  the priorities for the Frente Parlamentar.

1 – The demands of the sugarcane industry are known

2 – We need predictability, we need to know what are the Government expectations for the sector and what will be the rules of the game

3 – We can’t be surprised by changes all the time

4 – In the short term, the most urgent question concerns to the discussion of alternatives to the financial restructuring of the sector

5 – Without the solution of this problem, the investments will not return

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