Sugarcane plant from the Bolivian government initiates campaign to sell sugar


“Hecho en Bolivia” or “made in Bolivia”, is the name of the campaign launched by Bolivian President Evo Morales, to encourage the consumption of domestic products, made in the country, and strengthen the Bolivian economy.

Among the products, is the sugar that since this year is manufactured by the sugarcane plant San Buenaventura, whose government is the main controller.

The campaign “Hecho en Bolivia” was officially launched on 03.12.2015.

According to the Bolivian President, the campaign tends to make the consumption of domestic products, such as sugar plant, grow around 6% to 8%.

“But [the growth] should come with no paperwork and no contraband,” he said. Smuggling of goods consumed in Bolivia is a serious problem faced by local authorities.

According to the board of the sugarcane plant inaugurated this year, only 30% of sugarcane processed belongs to the plant. The remaining 70% of supply of the raw material is purchased from small producers of the locality of San Buenaventura region.

The state sugarcane plant, as the plant is called, is in the province of Abel Iturralde, in the ‘department’ of La Paz and is capable of processing 7000 tons of sugarcane per day and 57,500 tons of sugar per year.

The sugarcane plant San Buenavetura is also able to produce 1000 liters of ethanol and will offer 1,650 million ton of pulp per year, enough to generate 30 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

The first shipment of sugar made at the plant was officially presented in 29/10 by the general manager of the unit, Ramiro Diaz Lizondo.

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