Sugarcane industry supports the entity by COP21

The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (Unica) as well as companies operating in the sugarcane industry, such as Odebrecht, Braskem and Monsanto, is in the list of participants of the alliance Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura.

Officially launched last Wednesday (24) in São Paulo, the alliance has 50 members, as well as companies, ONGs and associations, and has well-focused goal: to propose public policies, actions and financial/economic mechanisms to stimulate competitive and low-carbon agriculture, including livestock and planted forests, which boost Brazil as a global leader in sustainable economy.

One of the immediate focuses of the Coalizão is to put in discussion 17 goals that address, among other things, the creation of economic valuation mechanisms of ecosystem services and the fight against illegal logging. The idea is to create a sustainable development agenda until 2030.

Another objective of the Coalizão is to act under the Convenção do Clima das Nações Unidas, contributing to the Brazilian proposal in COP21 (21st Conferência das Partes da Convenção), scheduled for the period from November 30 to December 11 this year in Paris.

“For us, the Coalizão represents an unprecedented effort to union companies and private sector entities with environmental organizations in favor of a common agenda that will contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the country”, defines Beatriz Secaf, Sustainability coordinator of the Brazilian Association of Agribusiness (Abag). The organization is one of the alliance members.

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