Sugarcane Harvest in the Center-South of Brazil will be lower in 2012

Last Friday German consultancy FO Licht showed that the crop of sugar cane should be less than expected and stay between 475 million to 515 million tonnes in South-Central Brazil. This estimate is the that most close to the numbers estimated by Canaplan ( 470 million tons ), which represents the volume decrease of 4.66% over the 493 million tons the previous cycle.

According to FO Licht, crushing of sugar cane in the center-south of the country was hampered by rain, which delayed the start of operations and disrupted the rhythm of crushing, but the income will improve over the cycle.

By contrast, the FO Licht believes the world’s sugar harvest will be 1 million tonnes more than previously anticipated, ie, 176.8 million tons in 2012/13.

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