Sugar production in 2012-13 until Feb 15, 2.70% more than last year: ISMA

India has produced around 16.59 million tonnes of sugar till February 15 in the 2012-13 crop marketing year that started in October, almost 2.70% more than the same period last year.

According to a statement by the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) released today, till date, almost 168 million tonnes of sugarcane has been crushed in the country with an average recovery rate of 9.8%. The higher production has been achieved despite 24 sugar mills being closed in the country.

Maharashtra, the country’s largest sugar producing state has produced around 5.78 million tonnes of sugar till February 15, almost 3% more than last year, while production in Uttar Pradesh, the second biggest state has been 4.36 million tonnes, around 4% less than last year, ISMA said. According to the Association, India’s total production in 2012-13 crop marketing year is expected to be around 24.3 million tonnes, almost 2 million tonnes less than 2011-12.

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