Sugar Prices Hit A 2 Week Low

Sugar futures in the March contract is currently down 5 points at 20.15 a pound as I was recommending a bullish position from around the 20.67 level getting stopped out in today’s trade around the 20.15 area in a disappointing trade as prices hit recent highs in yesterday’s trade before dropping 100 points rather quickly as now I am sitting on the sidelines.

Sugar prices are now trading under their 20 day moving average but still above their 100 day as I will look at other markets that are beginning to trend as the chart structure in sugar was excellent at the time of the recommendation as that was the main reason why I took the trade as this is water off a ducks back as we will move on.

At the present time I have many trade recommendations as the trends are starting to come back like I thought they would in 2017 as we could be involved in the sugar market once again in the next couple weeks so keep a close eye on this market.

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