Sugar output may fall to 23 million tonnes in 2012-13: K V Thomas, Food Minister

Sugar production in India is expected to decline to 23 million tonnes in 2012-13 due to delayed monsoon and drought situation in Maharashtra and Karnataka, Food Minister K V Thomas said today.

The country had produced 26.2 million tonnes of sugar in 2011-12 marketing year (October-September), against the annual demand of 22 million tonnes.

“Due to delayed monsoon/drought condition in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the sugar production in the current sugar season is expected to decline as compared to last season and estimated to be around 23 million tonnes,” Thomas said in a written reply tothe Lok Sabha.

However, the drop in production is unlikely to have impact on retail prices of the sweetener, he said, adding that the prices of sugar in the domestic market depends on various factors such as availability, demand, global prices and market sentiment, among others.

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