Professionals from 20 countries sare attending the 13th International Congress on Sugar and Derivatives (DIVERSIFICATION 2015), which is being held in Cuba from October 5 to 9.

The works come from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe and deal with 13 subjects of interest in the sugar sector, particularly agriculture, derivatives, sugar-energy and environment, told ACN the Organizing Committee, which meetings are envisaged in the Nacional Hotel.

At least 30 businessmen from 20 countries, mainly from Brazil, USA and India, will make presentation of their products or services at the trade fair and business forum of DIVERSIFICATION 2015, according to the same source.
The managers are also interested in the business opportunities offered by the Cuban sugar industry, under the new Foreign Investment Law, which establishes a system of facilities, guarantees and legal security to investors.

It also exempts from tax on profits to joint ventures and parties on international economic association contracts for a period of eight years from its establishment.

According to the program of the event, specialists of this industry will exchange about developments in the sugar technology, industrial efficiency, biomass energy, alcohol and beverages as well as on animal food and sugarcane agriculture.

Discussions contemplate the evaluation of payment systems, bio-products, quality and environment management, and experience in production chains.

Jose Alberto Orive Vélez, Guatemalan lawyer and new Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization, will be one of the speakers at the 13th International Congress on Sugar and Derivatives.

(Cuba News)