Sugar Club´s Man of the Year calls for unit in the industry

This years´s New York Sugar dinner, which was held last Wednesdayat the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, was attended by 1160 people. The guest speaker was Bill Smith, Vice President Sales and Marketing, The Amalgamated Sugar Company.

The Sugar Club´s Man of the Year brunch was held the following morning, May 19, at the Doubletree Guest Suites on Broadway. Mr. John Richmond, former President and CEO of the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative was the recipient of the Dyer Memorial Award honoring him as Sugar Man of the Year – 2010. In attendance were 60 of his friends and colleagues. Mr. Richmond spoke of his years in the sugar industry and the many challenges that are faced. For example: Capacity in the United States has remained consistent over the years but the number of facilities has been greatly reduced. 13 facilities have closed their doors over the last decade. His main message was “a call for unity ” within the industry and for the Farm Bill to cover a longer period of time, 10 years instead of 4 or 5. With farm legislation in place for a longer term.

The dates for next year’s Sugar dinner and the Sugar Man of The Year have not yet been determined. As a general rule, it is usually held the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of May, and the brunch is the following morning.

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