Sugar cane quality in Brazil is worrying, says UNICA

According to the report from Unica (Sugar Cane Industry Union), released on Wednesday (23/08), the 2012/13 harvest in the Mid-South may have a lower quality of raw material, which may undermine the quantity of products obtained from sugar cane. In the first half of August, the amount of total recoverable sugars (ATR) per ton of cane sugar reached 139.45 kg against 143.48 kg and 152.92 kg obtained on the same date crop 2011/2012 and 2010 / 2011 respectively.

In relation to the content of ATR, the value reached 126.55 kg per ton of raw material from the beginning of the cycle until August 15. The value is smaller than the 130.23 kg 2012/13 one year ago. The result was a fall of 15.09% in the number of products available to the production of sugar and ethanol.

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