Sugar cane crushing in Brazil is 2,68% higher than last year

The sugar cane season is nearly over in the South Central region of Brazil and about 556,19 million tons of sugar cane were crushed until the 31st of January, according to statement released by the Union of Sugar Cane Industry (UNICA) . The volume is 2.63% higher than the total processed in 2009/10.

The growth of sugar production was 16.86%, with the production of 33.4 million tons of the product. Ethanol registered a 7% increase in production, with 25.34 billion liters.

The growth in production was possible due to improved quality of raw materials measured by the amount of total recoverable sugars (ATR) per ton. In 2009/10, this parameter was 130.23 kilograms (kg) per tonne. This year, an increase of 8.44%, which meant 141.22 kg per tonne of ATR.

The percentage used to manufacture ethanol stood at 55.27% against 57.41% the previous harvest. In January, sales of fuel were 14.76% below the December volume totaling 1.89 billion liters. According to Unica, the fall is normal in the period between harvests.

Ethanol sales reached 21.92 billion liters, compared to 22.28 billion liters in the same period of last season.

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