Sugar and Ethanol sector on a MIssion in The Dominican Republic

Brazilian companies of the sugar and ethanol sector participated of a Mission in The Dominican Republic organized by Apla ( Brazilian Ethanol Cluster) and Apex – Brasil ( Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency in the capital city Santo Domingo, last week. Businessmen from the energy sector joined business roundtables with local buyers.

The Dominican Republic nowadays has milling capacity of 4,6 million tons of sugar cane per year and produces about 506 million tons of sugar. The country does not have an ethanol plant yet, but a law has already been approved for blending ethanol into the gasoline, so this should encourage the sector to invest in the bicombustible.

One of the main attractives of the country is the geographic location, close to big markets and the fact that it has free trade agreements with important nations. Besides that, it has the best port of the Caribbean .

The president of ProCana Brasil, Josias Messias, joined the event and its roundtables and said thay Brazil can contirubute in many ways. ” The sugar and ethanol sector is like the Theater. The Domican Republic is can be great stage. They already have all the actors (technology, investors,), the script is perfect, but the Directos is still missing. There is a need for the Government to take control of it. And Brazil is willing to be in the audience, applauding or participate as an actor.” explained.

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