Study reveals where flowering should attack

Canaplan consulting survey reveals which sugarcane states are potential victims of flowering in the crop 2015/16. Study was presented during the Tereos Guarani Workshop, in São Paulo.

Second largest producer of sugarcane after the state of São Paulo, Goiás leads the blacklist of flowering. It is the sugarcane state most likely to be affected by flowering this crop 2015/16.

Canaplan consulting the survey reveals that the sugar cane fields of Goiás have 95% chance of being victims of flowering.

In the crop 14/15, Goiás processed 66,8 million tons of sugarcane, according to the Union of the Industry of the State of Goiás Ethanol Production (Sifaeg).

Second, in the risk ranking, is Minas Gerais, where the chances of flowering range from 75% up to 95% on part of the sugar cane plantations.

Already in São Paulo, according to Canaplan, the flowering risks ranging from 75% to 85%.

The flowering generates final weight loss of production in tons and also results in the loss as sugar, per kilogram of ATR/ton, since part of the stored sugar is consumed from the beginning of development to the booting (flower formation ).

According to Luis Carlos Correa Carvalho, director of Canaplan, the flowering is part of the list of negative views for the crop 15/16, with the possibility of occurrence of El Niño and ATR productivity loss per hectare.

In the cycle 14/15, Carvalho, known as Caio, remember that five of the main varieties of sugarcane grown had 38% chance of being affected by flowering.

That list of varieties, SP81-3250 is the one that had more chances of contracting the problem, with 15% of chance.

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