Study endorses cane as asset against global warming

Sugar cane crops contribute to reduce the local temperature. The conclusion is one of the highlights of a study published days (17) by researchers at Stanford University, USA. They estimate that to reflect sunlight and increase air humidity around the cane would bring an additional benefit for combating climate change and the effects of global warming.

For the Union of Sugar Cane Industry (UNICA), the study introduces a new and important environmental benefit provided by the cane, further broadening the range of positive impacts of the plant.

“The specific impact of reduction in local temperature is targeted first so academic. For us in Brazil, this is very relevant, “said Luiz Fernando do Amaral, manager of Sustainability of Unica.

Also according to the survey, while growing on pastures or other agricultural crops, sugarcane alleviates the heat in a given region, leading to an average reduction of 0.9 degrees Celsius

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