Students from University of Texas visit Unica

In 2012, until the first half of April 2012, 13 delegations of students from different nationalities have visited the headquarters of Industry Union Cane (UNICA) in São Paulo (SP). Last week they received received the American MBA students from University of Texas. The group, composed of 60 people, was received by the Coordinator of Institutional Relations of Unica, Luana Maia, who led a presentation on the sugar industry and highlighted the situation of the domestic market, the development of biofuel programs in the world and sustainable practices adopted in Brazil to ethanol production. Public policies for the sugarcane industry is currently under discussion, as the new model of regulation of ethanol by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), were also discussed. In 2011, Unica hosted 160 international delegations from 45 countries, 30 of these were students. “For the great demand, we believe that in 2012 we will receive even more groups,” concludes Luana.

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