SP government creates group to monitor sugarcane

The Diário Oficial do Estado de São Paulo publishes Joint Resolution between São Paulo state Departments of Environment and Agriculture and Supply that creates the Executive Group to monitor the Cooperation Protocol establishing actions to consolidate the sustainable development of sugarcane planters in São Paulo.

Do you know who the Group owner is?

As the Joint Resolution SMA/SAA – 1 of 13/07/2015, that amending Article 3 of Joint Resolution SMA/SAA 01, of 13/06/2008, the Secretaries of State for the Environment and Agriculture and Supply solve:

Article 1 – Article 3 of Joint Resolution SMA/SAA 01, of 13/06/2008, becomes effective with the following wording:

“Article 3 – The Executive Group will consist of: I – By the Secretary of State for the Environment:

Holder: Araci Kamiyama, bearer of RG 16.932.148-4; Alternate: Carolina Roberta Alves de Matos, bearer of RG 32.354.455-1;

II – By the Secretary of State of Agriculture and Supply:

Holder: José Luiz Fontes, bearer of RG 10.969.378-4; Alternate: Katia Nachiluk, bearer of RG 20.433.116-X;

III – By the Organization of Sugarcane Planters of Center-South of Brazil (Orplana):

Holder: Geraldo Majela de Andrade Silva, bearer of RG 47.331.417; Alternate: Julian Bortoloti, bearer of RG 23.212.354-4.”

Article 2 – This Resolution enters into force on the date of its publication, revoking, for all purposes, the Joint Resolution SMA/SAA 02, of 31/01/2014. (Proc. SMA 119/2008 and SAA 596/2008)

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