South China cracks down on sugar smuggling

SOUTH China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is cracking down on sugar smuggling into the country to protect the market.

From last year, China’s sugar market began to pick up after a sustained downturn. However despite a production decline, the price remained around 5,400 yuan per tonne, according to an ongoing international sugar forum held in the region.

“China consumes about 16 million tonnes of sugar annually, compared with sugar production plus imports totalling 14 million tonnes. So while there is a 2 million tonne gap the price has not been affected much, and we believe smuggling is to blame,” said an industry insider at the forum.

To tackle the problem, the regional government has launched several projects including the closure of 227 illegal border crossings and more patrols, said a spokesperson from the regional anti-smuggling office.

There was also the “gateway sword 2016” campaign, from March 11 to Dec. 31, which targeted smuggling of sugar, grain and frozen food.

The region also canceled a regulation on Jan. 1 that allowed locals to bring up to 1 kg of sugar into China daily.


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