South Africa: Sugar industry could produce 1,000MW, says TSB CEO

THE South African sugar industry has potential to contribute at least a 1,000MW to the national grid if the government were to move fast in passing enabling legislation, with Eskom agreeing to buy at a reasonable rate, TSB CEO John du Plessis CEO said on Wednesday.

TSB is a sugar company owned by Remgro.

The industry has for the past three years tried fruitlessly to convince the government of the potential to help the country get extra electricity from its operations and alleviate the challenges Eskom faces as the sole generator and supplier of electricity to the rest of the country, as a growing economy has meant business and residential demand has grown faster than Eskom’s capacity to provide power.

Addressing a media briefing, Mr du Plessis said every sugar-milling establishment in the country had potential to invest in and improve boilers and turbines to start co-generation of electricity within a short space of time.

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