Shell and Cosan create Raizen

Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan SA today announced the Raizen, the new organization formed by the union of two large companies which aims to become one of Brazil’s five largest in sales. With a market value estimated at U.S. $ 12 billion and approximately 40,000 employees, the new company ranks as one of the most competitive in the area of sustainable energy in the world.

Aiming domestic and external markets, Raizen will be responsible for producing over 2.2 billion gallons of ethanol per year. Besides ethanol, the current 23 mills produce 4 million tons of sugar and has 900 MW of installed capacity of electric power production from sugarcane bagasse.

In the fuel area, the joint venture will sell approximately 20 billion liters for the segments of Transport, Industry, and its network of 4,500 service stations.

“Because of the size of its operations, Raizen will contribute to ethanol from sugar cane, sustainable energy source, clean, renewable energy, to consolidate its operations worldwide and strengthen Brazil’s position in international trade of biofuels, ” says President designated Vasco Dias.

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