Shale gas can be America’s “ace in the hole” against Putin

Facing a dilemma, the United States remains uncertain if exporting shale gas to its allies is a good idea, despite having the cheapest natural gas on the planet, and the best technology to extract it,  US manufacturers can create more American jobs if the exports not take place, according to Tom Kadala, founder and CEO of ATC-Alternative Technology Corporation, Inc., in his article ” Will Natural Gas become a Geo-Political Tool or a Modern Weapon?

Kadala believes that The American Congress , also deals with the possibility of using exports of shale gas as a weapon to contain Vladimir Putin and his intention to reclaim territories along the Russian perimeter , since the U.S. offer to export natural gas to Ukraine, in response to Putin’s Crimea invasion , has provoked a strong reaction from both sides .

Tom Kadala, fundador e diretor executivo da ATC
Tom Kadala, fundador e diretor executivo da ATC

“Could natural gas become the US enabler for global sustainable economic growth and world peace? …and if so, should it be implemented as a tool or a weapon?” Kadala questions in his article.

For Kadala , the U.S. could gain from exporting its natural gas by a Global stabilization of energy prices for a long period , global awareness about climate change and finally, exports of natural gas could be commercially valuable to the countries that seek free trade agreement with the US, and enable the American Government Institutions to establish sustainable democracies around the world.

“These lofty expectations may be too high for even the US, considering that every new encounter will introduce more complexities and unknowns. If left unchecked, however, this dominating role could awaken the Bush-era American arrogance that caused much damage among US allies in the last decade. We can only hope that US elected officials will recognize this once in a millennium opportunity and use natural gas as a tool rather than a weapon to steer the world toward a sustainable energy transformation strategy that follows a common set of internationally vetted guidelines and best practices” he explains in his article.

To access the full article in English : ” Will Natural Gas become a Geo -Political Tool or a Modern Weapon?” – http://wp.me/p26dHY-6F

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