São Martinho should grind 4.2% more

The São Martinho SA, one of the largest producers of sugar and ethanol in Brazil should grind 19,5 million tons of sugarcane in the 2015/16 crop, of 4,2% over the previous season, they were ground 18,7 million tons.

The estimate includes the milling guidance and production issued late on Monday (22/06) in compliance with CVM Instruction 358/02 and best practices of corporate governance.

According to estimates, production will be more sugar. The mix of 15/16 is in 52% to sugar and 48% for ethanol, compared to 49% for the sweetener and 51% for the biofuel in the cycle 14/15.

Thus, the São Martinho projected 1,295 million tons of sugar in 15/16, against 1,231 million tons in the previous season. The production of ethanol is expected to total 304 million liters of hydrous (down 13,7% from 353 million liters the previous cycle) and 423 million liters of anhydrous (decrease of 3,4% from the 438 million tons the season 14/15).

The cogeneration of electricity is expected to grow 1,8%, going to 733 thousand megawatt-hours (MWh), compared with 720 thousand MWh in the previous cycle.

The average ATR is expected to fall by 5,5%, coming in 15/16 to 134 kg per ton, compared to 142 kg/t in the cycle 14/15.

According guidance, signed by Felipe Vicchiato, CFO and Group Investor Relations, “it is important to mention that forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance, involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions and therefore depend on circumstances that may or may not occur . The public must understand that industry conditions and other operating and climatic factors may affect future results of the Company and could cause results to differ, materially, from those expressed in such forward-looking statements.”

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