Santa Lúcia: net revenue of R$ 143,4 mi

The sugarcane company Santa Lúcia S.A released its financial statements for the crop-year 2014/15, ended officially on last March, 31.

The statements are in the Diário Oficial do Estado de São Paulo.

According to the statements, the net operating revenue of Santa Lúcia for the period was R$ 143,4 million, up R$ 5,4 million on the 13/14 crop, when the Company recorded net operating revenues of R$ 138 million.

Located in Araras (SP), the Santa Lucia belongs to the Grupo Ometto.


In its institutional website, the Santa Lucia publishes data on crop 14/15. Check out:

Cane grinding … 1.235.500 tons

Crystal sugar ……… 82.392,6 tons

Anhydrous………… 24.120 m³

Hydrous…….. 20.016 m³

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