Salvadoran plant invests 60 million to expand cogeneration capacity


On a visit to Brazil, during Fenasucro, the head of the Salvadoran plant Jiboa, Gabriel Sorto Diaz, spoke to JornalCana and explained that his coming to the country was focused in getting to know the technology, price and experience of Brazilian plants with these technologies.

The plant is located in Canton San Antonio Caminos and is increasing its cogeneration capacity from biomass, building a plant with 35MW capacity. They invested about US $ 60 million in this expansion.

According to Diaz, the cogeneration of electricity is well established in El Salvador, all plants are investing on it.

Jiboia plant produces 92,000 metric tons of sugar.

El Salvador is the second largest producer and exporter of sugar in Central America and for many years it has been first in industrial efficiency, with the highest yields in Central America in the sugar extraction per ton of cane processed (average 115kg / ton) .

The sugar industry of the country is made up of 7,000 sugarcane producers and six plants. Most producers are members of agrarian reform cooperatives and the rest are independent producers.

Over the past 15 years, the industry grew by 35% in the production of sugarcane, 37% in sugar production and 54% in export of this product.



cultivation 80.000 cultivated hectares of sugarcane

Production of sugarcane -6,500,000 Metric Tons

Yield / Industrial -115kg From sugar per metric ton of sugarcane

Yield / Agricultural 10 Metric Tons of sugarcane/hec

Sugar outoput – 760,000 Metric Tons

Electricity -425,000 KWZ

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