Russia Sugar Group Is Almost Self-Sufficient

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are approaching self-sufficiency in sugar as their combined output will meet almost 90 percent of domestic needs in the next marketing year, according to Russia’s Sugar Producers.

The three countries should produce more than 5.6 million metric tons of sugar from beets in the season that starts Aug. 1. And the consumption is expected to be around 6.3 million tons, according to Andrei Bodin, president of Russia´s Sugar Producers

Russia would produce 5 million tons, Belarus 585,000 tons and Kazakhstan 50,000 tons. While consumption will be of 5.4 million tons in Russia, 400,000 tons in Belarus and 450,000 tons in Kazakhstan.

They will import raw-sugar and produce about 540,000 tons of the sweetener from it next season. And they are expected to export 610,000 tons of sugar next season.


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