RFA says EU anti-dumping proposal is illegal and unjustified


In a exclusive interview for BIO&Sugar, the CEO of Renewable Fuels Association, Bob Dinneen, objected to European Union proposed anti-dumping duties to American ethanol . “ In this case they have essentially ignored years of international trade law, by investigating this supposed dumping, and by not finding this dumping, but still imposing a duty to the country” .

He also said that RFA believes what they´ve done is illegal and unjustified, and that they will challenge it in the European court and will encourage the country to do the same in the WTO.

The European Commission has proposed this rare duty on all U.S. producers of ethanol after an investigation concluded that U.S. exporters sell the fuel to Europe at illegally low prices after receiving subsidies. They are seeking duties of 9.5 percent on all ethanol coming from the United States, according to Reuters.

RFA’s CEO affirmed that there should be concerns about this matter all over the globe. Because if they can impose a countrywide antidumping, without finding any evidence of dumping, they will certainly do the same to others, like Brazil, for example. “It might be the US today, but it will be Brazil tomorrow, as soon as they return exports to that part of the world”, he said.

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