Protest slows truck movement to Brazil’s Santos port

A protest on one of the highways leading to Brazil’s port of Santos has blocked the main corridor through which the country’s commodities reach international markets, the highway operator Ecorodovias said.

The protest in the municipality of Cubatão has shut down traffic on the Anchieta Highway down to the port. It is still unclear why protesters are stopping traffic, but mass demonstrations over rising bus fares to rampant corruption have erupted across the country’s major cities in the past weeks.

The Santos Port Authority (Codesp), which manages the public corridor of the port, said the protest has not affected the operation of the port at this time.

Santos is an important exporter of sugar, coffee, soy and corn. Much of the main bulk commodities come to the port via railway but container unit movement is moved largely by truck.

Shipping agents Williams Servicos Maritimos Ltd said the loading and unloading of ships carrying commodities was unaffected because the port had ample supplies of bulk commodities to work through and the protest had only started early on Monday.

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