Promising new technology to cut costs

Chemtex has invested nearly US$200 million since 2006 in research and development of new PROESA technology, which transforms biomass into biofuels and biochemicals. According to Ghisolfi, the discovery is an advancement which will change the course of second generation biofuels production. “This technology requires less capital investment and provides lower production costs when compared with other technologies based upon fermentation. This cost-effective, profitable process produces fermentable sugars from almost any variety of cellulosic biomass,” he added.

For the president of Chemtex, construction of the plant in Brazil will be a landmark for GraalBio and Chemtex but even more importantly, it is a crucial move for the Brazilian market. “This will show that second generation is real and viable, and that PROESE ™ is a technology platform capable of producing the renewable fuels and chemical products from cellulosic biomass that the Brazilian industry so needs and wants,” he stated.

Brazilian partner GraalBio plans to become an important global player in biotechnology, and a reference in the area of implementing promising Brazilian biomass through investing in the development of industrial plants, new sugarcane plant strains, research and development, patents and licenses, as well as promoting strategic alliances between companies worldwide involved in developing biomass energy technology. “We are pleased to collaborate with Chamtex in their plans to build this excellent, unheard of project here in Brazil,” stated Barnardo Gradin, president of GraalBio.

Both companies plan to expand the partnership and have plans for an ever increasing cooperation, with the aim of developing and producing biofuels and biochemicals in the country. “Brazil has enormous potential to develop aggregated value products, derived from green chemistry. We are very interested in implementing this technology as a solution, or at least part of one, for obtaining these products,” said Ghisolfi.

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