Producers of small town of Fiji has its first mechanized harvester

047 Sugar cane harvester edited (Small)

After gaining prominence in the press because of fires in cane fields, farmers in the small town of Ba, Fiji, took the initiative to form a cooperative and purchased a mechanical harvester to facilitate work in the region, according to the “Fiji Times”. One of the difficulties facing the industry in the city, is to find workers to harvest the cane, which has caused many losses over the past few years. Producers of Rarawai sector, had already formed “Wailailai Co-operative”, in December last year, and purchased machinery worth $ 136,812, with the assistance of the Association of Producers of Rod Rarawai Penang and a Bank lo and Fiji National Development. For the first time, farmers in the region have access to a harvester, which will greatly reduce the cost of cutting sugarcane.

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