Prices of hydrated ethanol in Brazil go down 10.7%

Declining prices forecasted for hydrous ethanol are already happening on a weekly indicator Cepea / Esalq. Between March 28 and April 1, the value of hydrous recorded a sharp drop of 10.7% compared to the previous period, reaching R $ 1.4579 per liter (excluding taxes) in this indicator Cepea. According to researchers from Cepea, lower demand and the entry of the product caused the 2011/12 crop prices dropping hydrated. In the case of anhydrous, however, demand continued high and thus the prices went up.

The weekly indicator Cepea / Esalq anhydrous ethanol recorded a high of 3.9% over the same period, reaching R $ 1.9974 per liter (excluding taxes).

In the middle of the season that just ended (2010/11), the indicator Cepea / Esalq anhydrous ethanol in the state of Sao Paulo was R $ 1.1467 per liter (real terms), which is 5.94% higher than the recorded in the previous season (values deflated by the IGP-M). As for the hydrated, the average monthly indicators Cepea / Esalq was R $ 0.9967 per liter, up 5.84% in the same comparison.

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