Positive expectations for the season 2013/14 in Brazil’s Center South


Beginning of the harvest and the expectation of numbers that show the real situation of the sugar and ethanol sector is great. However, according to Márcio Mori, quality supervisor at Tonon Bioenergy, industrial indicators, for example, can not yet be compared with data from the last cycle. “Some mills began crushing in March, others in April. We had cases of units processing bis sugarcane, others are not. So with all these factors, the indicators have a profile quite different, “he recalled.

Already on climatic conditions at this early harvest in South-Central, the representative indicated that, so far, they are better than those experienced in 2012/13. “We have good expectations for the course of the year, as it will begin a period drier and cane seems to be in better condition than the previous year,” he says.

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