Plague affects sugarcane in Cuba


Marabú, a thorny bush of very hard wood that invades fields of Cuba is hampering sugarcane plantations, causing heavy losses.

In an article published on the website of the group of Cuban sugar AzCuba, the agronomist Miguel Lima Villar said that it is infesting 7000 hectares of sugarcane.

The 7000 hectares would be ready to harvest sugarcane this year.

According to the agronomist, the 7000 hectares add up to another 10.000 hectares also infected with marabú in the last three years.

The industry of sugarcane in Cuba, however, has pledged to release at least seven hectares infected by the plague to harvest sugarcane this year.

Marabu mainly affects regions of sugarcane in the municipalities of Baraguá, Ciro Redondo, Venezuela and Moron and Chambas.

According to the agronomist, the battle against Marabu is strategic to avoid losses and achieve productivity in the next crop of sugarcane in Cuba.

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